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Day Five

Once again I was too busy today to worry much about eating. Good thing too since I was ill prepared again and didn’t bring much to eat. Ended up with an Atkins shake for breakfast. I just kind of held my breath and swallowed as much as I could. I think I might be slowly adjusting to the taste of sweeteners. I hope so, because the chemical taste is really nasty.
Scale showed five pounds this morning, but like I said I am not going to hold my breath(which is getting nasty lately) until a full week has gone by. I get either thrilled or disappointed by the scale each morning. I don’t know why I do it to myself but I can’t help it.
Of course any of this weight loss could be a result of me getting my period but I have noticed that my pee is a lot darker than it usually is and I think that is a result of burning fat right?
Who knows?
I took before pictures tonight. We’ll see how much I lose before I post them.

Day Four

I am still having major sweats. It is getting embarrassing for me to have to keep explaining that I just started low-carbing and that is why I’m sweating like crazy(still not even sure if that is why!)
Today I was really busy at work so it wasn’t as bad with worrying what I had to eat all day.
I got on the scale this morning and it appeared to show two lbs down but I refuse to hold my breath…that and the fact that I started my period lets me know that I will be losing water weight.
Not sure where I am at right now but I am good with the way of eating so far. I hope the feeling of goodness stays with me(not the sweats!)


I got on the scale this morning and no loss yet to report. I don’t know why I feel the need to disappoint myself by jumping on the scale this early in the game, but I am obsessed. Always have been probably always will be. Today has been a little weird. First day of lowcarbing anywhere but at home(the bbq didn’t count, I feel at home there.) I was a little shaky this morning. I tried to choke down an Atkins shake for the first time and it didn’t go well. I don’t know if I am just super sensitive or what but anything I eat that is sweetened artificially leaves a really bad chemical taste in my mouth that makes me want to puke. That is going to be the hardest for me I think. Giving up regular soda. The only diet soda I can tolerate is diet sprite and even then it’s iffy.
So I ditched the shake and had some leftover cubed steak from last night. A little dry but much better than the shake.
Now I am noshing on a very bland salad. I didn’t get up in time to plan my meal better. Mental note: prepare food at night for the next day.
The salad is just lettuce, some small turkey strips and some sunflower seeds that I snagged from the vending machine to jazz it up a little. And ranch dressing of course.
I have a food drawer here at work. Mostly for everyone around me. It’s become sort of a joke that if you are hungry come to my desk. I wasn’t really thinking about it until I went in there to get my fork for my salad. Oh the goodies in there. Rolitos, peanut brittle, sweetarts, gobstoppers…everything in there is FILLEd to the gills with sugar and carbs. I’m going to have to give them away. I can’t see throwing out perfectly good foods. Can’t have them in there mocking me though. 😀
I have a couple of questions on the effects this has on my body. I will have to check out some message boards and glance through my atkins book. I feel like I am sweating excessively. Really hot all the time and no one around me really is. Maybe it’s hormonal because I started my period this morning.
I want to set a mini goal to lose 40 lbs by the end of August but that seems a little unrealistic. The reason is because hubby and I will be celebrating our four year anniversary in Vegas the last week in August. I figure 40 pounds would put me near a size 18 and that would just be so kick ass. Plus I know I would feel so much better in the heat(like it’s not hot here in AZ??) and with all the walking around and stuff. I hate that I am obsessing over a big loss already.
I need to take some before pictures too. I have a lot of pictures of me(my husband and I take a lot of pictures) but I want some specifically for this so that as I lose(hopeful!) I can take progress pics in the same stances and see the differences.
Okay, I talked to my friend DD and she told me that the sweating and the shaking are normal. It’s my body having withdrawls from the sugar or some such thing. Man, I am HOT!!! I feel like I’m in an oven. I guess that means I am doing this right huh?

Starting Low Carb

Well, here I am. Today was the first day on this new way of eating. I think I did really good seeing as I was dumb enough to to put myself in a social situation where there would be lots of tempting food around. Luckily it was a BBQ so I was able to get a bunless burger or two.
The thoughts were there several times during the day. You know the ones…the ones that pop up when you stare at the tray of chips and dip and say: “Well this is only the first day, I can always start tomorrow instead…”
But I didn’t give in. I simply waited until the meat was done and had my burgers. I feel really proud of myself. So I’m hoping this is the start of something good!!
I’m sure this journal will be filled with lots of rantings and ravings as I adjust but hopefully it will keep me sane.

A little background…
I turn 30 at the end of this month and have struggled with weight my entire life. Around 19 or 20 I finally sat down and counted every single calorie that I put in my mouth. Literally. I would sit down at least seven times a day with a pen, paper and a calculator making sure I didn’t go above 1200 calories for the day and if I did it was to be deducted from what I ate the next day. It was very much obsessive behavior.
I lost though. I lost about sixty pounds and got into a size 12. The diet was helped out along the way by the fact that I had gotten gallstones and anytime I ate fatty or spicy foods I had an attack. I pretty much lived on cereal for about a couple of months until I could have my surgery.
Once that sucker was out I went a little crazy with the fatty foods and gained some weight back.
In my early 20’s for emotional reasons I never connected at the time I turned to bulimia and lost 30 pounds putting me into a size eight.
I’ll spare you the emotional drama but let’s just say that two years later I woke up and realized I didn’t want to kill myself. It wasn’t that easy of course. It took me years to finally quit purging altogether and I still get the urge and probably always will when I overeat.
So eventually the purging stopped but the binging did not.
End result: a whopping 300 lbs.
Over the last three years I have cut back a little at a time and have managed to lose almost 50 lbs but now I want to get my butt in gear and get back on track once and for all.
My in-laws have recently started low-carbing and have lost about 35 lbs each but more importantly my mother in law has been able to cut back dramatically on the medications she had to take on a daily basis.
That is why I have decided to give this a try.
So that is my story.
Today was the shopping day.
I went to the store and stocked up on all kinds of low carb high protien goodies. I got cubed steak(which I LOVE), all kinds of ground beef(it was on sale), string cheese, and I browsed the “low carb aisle”. I picked up a 14 day diet supplement starter kit from Atkins, a pack of advantage shakes and a couple of advantage bars. We’ll see on those.
I don’t really know how the whole net carbs vs carbs thing but I’ll keep that net carb thing to a minimum until I read up on it.
I feel good about this…let’s hope I continue to feel this way. I got a fitday account so that will hopefully help me with the counting of the carbs I eat.
Today I haven’t eaten very healthily(is that a word?). I didn’t wake up until almost one and then it was off to the store. Right now I’ve had a couple handfuls of pork rinds and a piece of string cheese. Not the best meal but I’ll make up for it tonight. Cubed steak fried with garlic powder and butter. Yummy!!!
I lucked out in the fact that my husband is a BBQ king so that should help me with this way of eating.
I’m babbling I guess but hey, this is my journal right?