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About Me

aboutmeMy story is no different than a lot of overweight people.  I’ve been heavy my whole life.

When I was 19 or 20 I obsessively counted every single calorie that went into my mouth and worked out three times a day.  This got me down to a size 12, which was great to me since I had been in various sizes of the 20’s most of my teen life.
An emotional event in my life(that I didn’t connect to my reaction at the time)pushed me into severe bulimia for two straight years.  It whittled me down to a size 8 and rotted out most of my teeth in the process.
When I did stop the purging, I didn’t stop binging.  That resulted in me topping the scales above 300 lbs.  I never knew just how far above 300 I got because at some point my scale broke and let’s face it, I was in no hurry to replace it.
Enter low carb.  My in laws came to visit and they had lost a BUNCH of weight from the last time I had seen them.  More importantly my mother in law had taken a major cut in the medications she had been taking.  When asked what they were doing, they answered cutting their carbs.
I was interested.  I bought the Atkins book and searched the net and decided it was worth a try.  After I had enjoyed about a 40 pound loss my husband joined me on my journey and we low carbed for about 3 years.
I made a horrible mistake one night while on vacation and decided to order Pizza Hut.  Both pizza and bread sticks.  I had no idea that would be the start of the end.  As if zapped of all willpower, I could not get back on the low carb diet.
Over the years I have waffled(mmmm waffles)back and forth between counting calories and low carb and of course just stuffing my face.  This has only succeeded in yo yo dieting.  Here I am back on Low Carb and trying again.

3 Responses to About Me

  • Hi
    Great Low carb Recipes.
    I was trying to reach out to you to see if you would be interested in letting us share some of your recipes with our audience. We are diabetics and most of us are on a low carb diet and we would benefit greatly form this.
    I also apologize for leaving this comment here but I couldn’t find your contact information on the site.
    Please let me know
    Ronnie Gregory M

  • Your story seems to be my story…I have yo yo’ed and gave up..I am desperate. I have even started the HCG where I give myself shots. I figure if I don’t do that, I will have to give myself insulin shots later on. I am so desperate to lose weight. I came across your channel on you tube and the recipes are fantastic, Instead of McDonalds or something like that, my treat is one of your recipes. I am glad you did the site and wish you would come back.

  • I luv your recipe videos! You make things more fun! One recipe I wanted to Help you with is the cauliflower bread stix. Another recipe similar to yours flipped it over after cooking on one side then cooked it on the other side before cutting, adding cheese (also a sprinkle of garlic powder) and putting back in oven to melt cheese. Your recipe for the green bean cassarole is one of my favorite dishes. Keep up the good work. I just started watching the videos less than a month ago. Low carb helps with my bp and diabetes, so why do we ever stray? Thanks again, nancy in Texas (66 years Young 😉 )

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